My name is Evan.

This is some of my recent work.

Table Titans
Role: UX/UI Design, Development, DevOps URL: www.tabletitans.com
Role: Development, DevOps URL: www.shiftylook.com
Role: Development URL: www.unitusccu.com
Role: Development URL: www.xterrashop.com
Role: Development URL: www.verlasso.com
Oregon Jamboree
Role: Development URL: www.oregonjamboree.com


I am an interactive developer and designer, living in Portland, OR. I take pride in my ability to create living web experiences that bring joy to their users and owners alike.

I hold a BFA in Graphic Design from Oregon State Univeristy, combined with five years of professional experience in design and development for the web. This gives me the unique ability to bring an interdisciplinary knowledge to the practice and ensure both the design and development sides of the creative exercise are well-informed by the requirements, abilities and limitations of each.

I am well versed in coding for web-standards using the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, and am comfortable with back-end integration for a variety of platforms. I'm skilled with jQuery and am unafraid to create fully customized interactivity solutions with it. I am highly experienced at building fully customized websites on ExpressionEngine.

I have recently devoted a great deal of time to learning responsive design and development techniques and am a strong believer in moving the web forward by making it easily accesible across all devices and form-factors. I accomplish this by taking advantage of the latest and greatest available presentation techniques to reward users for making use of modern web browsers and web-capable devices.